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Cabbana Love Point

It is believed that a couple in true love with each other ,if hold their hands & the Female/Princess take the name of Male/Prince the voice echoes back . The number of times name echoes back decides the number of life’s the couple spends together.

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Discover Places

The culture of Punjab has its own unique fragrance. It is unmatched. The scent of this fertile land is such in which the warmth of you-are-my-own is inborn. A guest in Punjab is considered as a representative sent by God.

Hospitality promotes brotherhood and holds a special significance for bringing people closer; love and kindness flow out of it. In Punjab they say that the more you love the more it multiplies and you get back many more times the kindness that you give. Stroll around lush parks, serene Temples and Gurudwaras, shop for ethnic punjabi souvenirs. Punjab is home to some of the finest examples of traditional and modern art, architecture and design in North India..